Why Us

It starts with our name and ends with our people. Everything we do is informed by our desire to minimise waste, mitigate risk, and maximise the well-being of you, our client.

Efficient is as efficient does. We’re not about promise; we’re about performance. That’s why Efficient Wealth was established in 2002 as a subsidiary of the Efficient Group Limited. The aim was to provide holistic personal financial services, with a complete suite of asset-, portfolio-and investment-management products. From financial planning to specialised products and services, we have the right investment and financial portfolio services to cater for every need, to South Africans from all walks of life.

Our company’s core purpose is to deliver financial planning and investment management expertise for the benefit of individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses. We achieve this by providing you with an integrated financial planning solution structured to appropriately address a myriad of diverse needs, requirements and expectations. Our financial planning solutions are delivered through a specialised group of professionals and portfolio managers who are precisely selected and recruited for their academic excellence and compelling track record in the financial services industry.

The TCF principles are embedded in the culture of Efficient Wealth and we continuously strive to enhance the quality of our service offering to our clients and through our interaction with contracted product providers.

While our various branches across South Africa were founded to provide truly independent financial advice, each entity affiliated with our brand is required to operate within the strict parameters of a rigorous code of conduct. Efficient Wealth is a place of trust, with the traditional tempered by a willingness to take the lead in our industry.



Our vision is to grow Efficient Wealth into South Africa’s financial services distribution business of choice, representing qualified, experienced and professional financial advisors devoted to the welfare of our clients – and we have the depth and determination to do so.

To be a truly professional and profitable financial services advisory business.

Our Services and Solutions

Making more money doesn’t always mean more risk. Making more always means wasting less. And efficient financial products and services make more of your time and your money. It’s just what we do, and how we do it.

Our name informs our product choice and service offering. That’s why we’ve embraced an open platform architecture. With greater independence and more options available, we can truly customise our products – and enhance the outcomes. On top of that, we provide a host of personal and business-related financial services and value-added benefits through our own internal resources, and in partnership with a number of specialist financial service providers. The objective of our financial advisors is to provide a wide array of ‘best-of-breed’ financial planning products and services to meet your and your family’s diverse and ever-changing investment management and financial needs. We’ll make the most of whatever you have. For the people you love. That’s just what we do.

We provide a ‘one-stop’ solution to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

Short-Term Insurance

We set our sights on supplying short-term solutions that speak solely to your individual needs. No waste, no worry.


We understand that your wealth can’t be separated from your health, and your financial welfare can’t be separated from your physical well-being.

Business Assurance

In the grip of a capricious market and a struggling economy, we present the proverbial ‘still point of the turning world’, with cool heads and calm solutions.

Cash Management

Efficiency is most efficient when it translates into liquidity, when it outpaces the latest trend, current investment cycle, or most recent recession.

Fiduciary Services

We want to be the lifetime partner who journeys with you through thick and thin. We provide empathy along with efficiency, support along with solutions.

Investment Management

We’ve reinvented investing to cut through the clutter, bringing a calculated calmness to all our investment calibrations.

Financial Planning

We see beyond ever-changing cycles, to ever-lasting certainty and security. We don’t make light of your money – because we know how hard you worked for it.


Efficiency means that we always temper risk with rewards, sourcing stocks and shares that deliver tangible dividends – all whilst keep you closely in the loop.

Employee Benefits

Efficiency is most efficient when it enhances human capital through meaningful and attractive benefits.

Life Assurance

Efficient assurance cover points to peace of mind – with minimal waste and maximal protection.