efficient wellness

Luciano has a passion to create tangible value for his clients. One of the models that he uses to unlock value for his clients, especially in the risk management space, is the integration of wellness programmes into a client’s risk solutions. In order to unlock optimal value from the integration models, it is imperative to manage the holistic model correctly. These models could often be intimidating and interpreted as fairly complicated. As a result, Efficient Wellness was started 2017 by Luciano, which is aimed at simplifying the wellness management process for his clients. This approach allows clients to not only capitalize optimally on tangible benefits in a claim event but also during the lifetime of a financial product.

Efficient wellness assists clients with the following services relevant to the applicable wellness programmes:
1. Expert guidance
2. Admin support
3. Online support services
4. Biokineticist
5. Nutritionists
6. Nursing