Dawie Roodt — Chief Economist & Director, Efficient Group

Luciano is one of the top financial advisors in the Efficient Group. I often refer clients to Luciano and know that they are in excellent hands. On a corporate level, the Efficient Group has successfully transacted with Luciano in the past and I am sure we will do business again. We will hear lots more of Luciano in future.

Henriko Prinsloo — Attorney, Prinsloo Attorneys

Luciano is a stalwart in the financial world, adding unsurpassed efficiency, service and professionalism as value to my firm.

Lolo Mashiane — Entrepreneur I have the utmost respect and gratitude for him and his team, as I have experienced nothing less than excellence and dedication to their work. Luciano always takes his time to explain even the minutest detail and advises on how the markets are performing so as to alleviate any fears I usually have.
Dr. Wicus Opperman Luciano Benadé and his support staff render an honest, reliable and appropriate financial service to my wife and I over a whole range of financial products for the past 5 years. I would recommend his service with the greatest of confidence.

Dr. Wilhelm van Zyl

Not only did he approach my investment and retirement challenges in a novel way, but was open to being “double checked” – and other experts on the topic came up with similar findings.

Hennie Heymans — CEO Luciano is one of the minority that I have met that can interpret our wishes and needs correctly and position us in the exact space we needed for comfort. I have already started to pass his information on and you may ask any person to contact me for a reference.

Willem Basson — National Executive Business
Development: Efficient Wealth

Outstanding Financial & Wealth Advisor and a great asset to the team.

Dr. Lesibana Mpepele The advice, service and support enjoyed from this team of competent individuals are of an extremely high standard and I would gladly recommend them to any individual in need of financial advice

Pieter du Toit — Entrepreneur

I thought I was on the right track with my financial planning for an early retirement but talking to Luciano made me realize that all was not as it seemed. He did a very thorough analysis for me and my wife and quite a lot of changes needed to be made. He and his team sorted out all the issues for us and I must say that working with them was, and still is, an absolute pleasure.